Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cotton candy nail art for Halloween costume

I'm going dressed up as cotton candy for Halloween this year!!! ...kidding, we don't actually celebrate Halloween here but wouldn't it be the coolest costume? And this nail art is really easy and fun to make, click to see more!

I can just TASTE the sickenlingly sweet taste of cotton candy! All it takes is a cotton pad, acrylic paint and some match sticks :D

Apparently in other countries, cotton candy has a different color? Here they are mostly yellow & pink, or just pink, so that's what I went with.
These are just for fun, NOT meant for actual wear. So yes, I know they are super impractical. The video is meant for your (and mine) entertainment and not directly meant as a tutorial, although you're welcome to recreate it if you'd like!

Music "Quirky Dog" by Kevin MacLeod
Available on http://incompetech.com

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