Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bloody razor cuts nail art for Halloween

Oh man, I am SUCH a klutz! I was just doing my crafts and my box cutter slipped... and again.... and again :-p I've really gotten into making fake injuries with my Graftobian Severe Trauma Kit. I can show you how to make these for Halloween, I made a video tutorial with voice over! Click to see more!

Ewwww so disgusting! It really looks like the razor went through the nail with full force and cut open the skin underneath, causing it to bleed under the nail plate. But don't worry, it's all fake. No actual nail artists were hurt during the making of this design ;-)
All I used is wound modeling wax, baby oil, clear liquid latex (without coloring), face powder, a breakaway craft knife and fake blood. Most of these things are available at your local costume shop (mine's Party Time, they have EVERYthing you might want or need) or you can also get your supplies on eBay or Amazon.

Music is "Dark Times" by Kevin MacLeod
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