Thursday, October 8, 2015

Haunted graveyard nail art, glowy ghosts

Waaaay back in high school, in music class, our teacher taught us to form a mental image from the music we were hearing. I've always had a couple of images in my head when listening to Dance Macabre and this is one of them! As soon as the sun sets, the dead come out to play. In this example they're ghosts but maybe you see them differently! I dare you to paint what's in your head and then come show me!

The glowy ghosts are made with Serum No. 5 Budding Lights and let me tell you, this polish GLOWS! Any decent glow polish needs a white (or at least light colored) base to work well but this baby glows even on top of the darkness that is my base gradient. Ah-mazing or what?

Did I mention I LOVE Halloween? It's like my Christmas, but instead of having to get together with family, you get to scare people, watch horror movies, decorate but in a more fun way...

The base gradient was too pretty not to show off so I made this glamorous magazine shot just for fun :D

These are, from left to right, top to bottom: Color Club Burnt Out, It's Raining Men and We'll Never Be Royals, all from the Oil Slick collection. I got these three from Adnails Manucure (a French nail shop) to share with you guys!
In the video, you see me using the new kind of Liquid Palisade. It's pretty much the same only Kiesque picked up on our nail community's uses for their product and are now offering two kinds: one with a big brush to easily apply the Liquid Palisade around your nails, and one with a thin brush for nail art purposes. The stuff inside the bottles is still the same but it's a lighter color and it's now scented!

I love both brushes and I use them equally. The new packaging is also less expensive than the familiar bottle so more convenient to try it out for yourself!

Music is "Dance Macabre" by Kevin MacLeod
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I received Liquid Palisade by Kiesque, the Color Club polishes and Serum No. 5 Budding Lights as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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