Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sugar spun spiderweb nail art for Halloween

Yeech, spiders!! I did sugar spun spiderwebs nail art last year for Halloween, but it didn't look like I'd hoped so I figured it was worth another try! I made a video tutorial to explain how I did it. Click to see more!

The spider was an unexpected nail win. I knew I wanted to add a spider on the accent nail but I knew it wouldn't look great on black. So I sponged some beige paint before painting my spider and that turned out pretty okay!

This takes me back to way back when I did my first sugar spun design, also with a matte black base, which led to my very first video tutorial (including bad, very bad, first voice over). While the old video tutorial is awful (no editing whatsoever), it does explain in detail how sugar spun nail art works so if this is all new to you, be sure to watch that one!
I used piCture pOlish Black for the base and mattified it using OPI matte top coat. It makes a nice contrast with the sugar spun spiderwebs, don't you think?

I'm soooooorry for the live spider in the tutorial! But actually I'm not that sorry. I had to look all over the house for a willing spider, this one didn't fall into my lap like the spider from my SuperChic Lacquer Goosebumps video did (it literally fell into my lap while I was sitting on the floor).

Music is "Ossuary 2 - Turn" by Kevin MacLeod

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