Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Drifting away on a Rad Cloud

'Ello 'ello my friends! I have a treat for you today! My dear friend Hanne sent me this polish in our latest nail mail. She has a blog too, called It's So Damn Original, you should go check it out! OMG she is SO sweet and she has the same taste in polish, so our nail mails are always spectacular <3

So today, I want to show you Hare Polish Rad Cloud. Quick, click here to see the rest of my swatches!

This polish has a pink/purplish base color that needs about 3 coats to reach opacity. There are all kinds of glitters in this mix: purple, orange and green. Rad Cloud was released as a duo for spring/summer 2012, together with Magic Mist.
I love this color! It's very versatile, I'm not sure if I should call it pink or purple and it looks different in various light settings. It does remind me of pudding or something similar. Actually... do you remember Frufoo, the UFO shaped dessert? THAT's what this reminds me of! I used to have those things every night after dinner, and I'd use my spoon to slice open the middle portion so I could get to the surprise without eating my dessert first!
And now every time I look at my pictures, I get hungry... sorry guys!
I used top coat over this polish (in all of the pictures), mostly to make it shiny because it was freaking smooth without topcoat. No issues, no bubbles, dried super quickly. Just an all-round awesome polish!
And did I mention it's pretty too?

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