Sunday, December 1, 2013

GlitterBunny Polish Gummiberry

Yes yes! It's time for another squishy GlitterBunny! I absolutely adore this brand, all of her polishes have kind of a 'secret sparkle' to them which makes this brand stand out from all the rest. My parents bought me a polish to cheer me up because of my surgery, and this is what I received in the mail this Friday!

Look at the squishiness! This is just perfect you guys, I'm so happy about this polish I could scream!!!

Gummyberry is a pink jelly, I'd say it leans towards dark magenta. It has large black and white hex glitters which I see as the seeds in the berry (like a strawberry), white skinny bar glitter and ohhh the sparkles! I'm guessing it's Spectraflair, but it might also be Israeli magic!

I applied three thick jellicious coats that dried so amazingly quick, I couldn't believe it. I sat there, jamming a nail into the polish... but nothing happened.

The glitters did sink to the bottom of the bottle and they were pretty stubborn to come back to the top, even after rolling the polish and leaving it upside down for a minute. Most of them were still stuck to the glass, I guess they had separation anxiety. I don't mind because I'm showing you all the glitter that came out of the bottle without fishing, and I think this is the perfect amount.
Look at this polish! When I zoom in for you, it becomes really clear what is causing the sparkle... pure magic!

I love that GlitterBunny Polish is 5-free, vegan and that the brand speaks out for animal rights and against animal cruelty. It is something I feel VERY strongly about. The maker, Nicole, is a very sweet lady and she's recently partnered up with to donate some of her profits to their organization. There's a bunch of new shades in her shop, and one of them is called Be The Change You Wish To See In The World, which is a hell of a long ass name but it's for a great cause, because 20% of the profits from this polish will go directly to (too bad I can't read the website because it is in Hebrew, and unfortunately I don't speak that...)
Believe me when I tell you this:
+ excellent drying time, I was seriously impressed
+ secret sparkle, SO pretty
+ opaque in 3 coats without losing the jelly look
+ doesn't even need a topcoat for shininess
+ low shipping costs from Israel
+ SUPER friendly maker, Nicole is a darling!

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