Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Textured Christmas tree nail art

Merry Christmas, my dear readers! Or at least it will be for all of you, I'm sure of it! I'm wearing something special this Christmas... Click here to see more of it!

I made Christmas trees on my nails, using only polishes I've gotten from some very dear friends in the nail community.

I used Isadora Silver Sparkles for the background, I got that one from my friend Hanne. She also sent me the nail art bead that I used as baubles.

The trees are made by polishing Zoya Sunshine onto a plastic bag, letting it dry and then cutting the tree shape out of it. I got this polish just last week from my friend LucĂ­a.

And the polish on my index finger and pinkie is 00:00 that my friend Sabrina sent me, she's the brain behind Polish Alcoholic. This was a super sweet and unexpected gesture and I reviewed this polish here.

I thought it would be sweet to have all over these amazing ladies near me during this holiday, since I can't actually be with them in person. I wanna say thank you and I'm sending a big hug to all three of you!

And a special mention ofcourse for my awesome friend Melanie, whose package hasn't reached me yet but I know for sure that it will be amazing and very thoughtful!
The baubles wouldn't stay on for long so I topcoated this baby as soon as my pictures were done, I want it to stay nice for the holidays.

Happy holidays to all of you, I hope you and your family & friends are well and have a great time! Kisses from me!

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