Monday, December 30, 2013

Nail art to welcome the new year

Happy New Year!!!! Or almost, that is. I'll be going into the new year about 8 hours before all my peeps in the US, how's that for awesomeness? I made a design on my nails for New Year's Eve, I saw this on Instagram, it was made by @victoriaoen. You should check out her account because she makes great designs! Click here to see more of my pics.

I really liked doing these and figuring out how to replicate what Victoria did. I did the fireworks on my pinkie with a dotting tool, and the rest of the fingers was done using a small detail brush and polish. I only used acrylics for the white outline on the numbers, too bad that the pink polish smudged a little bit when I added top coat :(
I thought it would be fun to add a glow in the dark top coat after I finished my design, so this is what that looks like! The difference in glow comes from the different colors. Reds and darker pinks absorbe the light, making those parts glow less bright. The accent nail is a light pink that almost looks white in the photo, so that makes for an awesome glow undie!

I'll be too busy tomorrow so I'm wishing you all a magnificent 2014 right now! I hope the new year will be a blast for all of you, and keep showing me those awesome nail designs!

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