Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More cupcakes on my nails! Hand painted nail art

Aren't these delicious? I made them for the weekly challenge in a nail art group I'm part of, it's a great group of people and I really feel comfortable discussing my nail fails there LOL This one does not qualify for that!

I had this image in my head as soon as I read about the challenge, and I'm very proud that they turned out like I had envisioned them.

They're hand painted with acrylic paints and a detail brush. The fruits on top are fimo slices that I applied with a drop of top coat.
Before I applied the fimo fruit, I took some pictures. I definitely like them better with the fruit on top! I painted a chocolate cake on my thumb, but it turned out all stretched and I didn't have anything to put on top of it, so I didn't photograph it.


  1. Wow! Mooi!!!
    Ik vind ze met fimo ook leuker!

  2. I loooove this! I will try to re-create it soon, I will probably fail but it will be fun, haha!


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