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Let Dreamy Lacquer Company sweep you off your feet!

G'day ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I have another review for you today, with some real beauties. Dana and Jessica from Dreamy Lacquer Company were kind enough to send me four of their gorgeous polishes to share with you :-D Don't stall, click here to see my pictures!

Dreamy Lacquer Company is the brainchild of Dana and Jessica. They run this bizz from Independence, Missouri where they make some really kickass products!

Their bottles all come with a little plastic charm around the cap, I think it's so cool that this charm is the image of their logo. I was a little rough on one of the charms because I wanted to readjust it for the picture, and the elastic band snapped... oops! I was more careful after that!

And OMG did you see the labels? They're holographic! I LOVE that!


We start off with Peri-Twinkle, a holo periwinkle polish. It is just the perfect color blue, really gorgeous. Also unbelievable hard to photograph and it looks different in various lighting, so I took pictures in the light box with my regular lighting, again in the light box with a strong led light aimed at the nails and then a picture of what sunlight does to the polish. Enjoy!
Okay, so this is Peri-Twinkle in the regular lighting I use for my light box. You can see this is a regular periwinkle blue, this comes really close to what the color looks like in normal indoor lighting. There's somewhat of a holo effect, but really dim and it's more scattered than liniair.

I haven't seen this polish in the store, so I don't think it's available yet. I'd suggest following these ladies on Facebook to keep track of new releases, swatches and more!
I had a couple of small pigment clumps in the polish, so I asked the makers about it. This is what Dana told me: "The Peri-twinkle has a blue pigment that, for some unknown reason, dissolves completely in a little solvent before the lacquer base gets added, then it seems to migrate back together into little clumps over time. "

This is no reason to like this polish any less, because most of them vanished after I put on my top coat. You can hardly see any of the clumps on my pictures, and I have a hard time finding them on my nails when I look at them. Just make sure to use a top coat!

Then this is the same polish in the same location, but with a strong led light pointed at it. You can clearly see the holo effect! I love it, that's pretty! The color is a bit off now, so I'd recommend the picture above for color reference.
And WHOA! Peri-Twinkle in direct sunlight! It looks more teal now, probably because the light was so orange from the sun coming up. I didn't think I'd get any sun for this polish, but there it was, right at the beginning of Christmas day <3 Perfect present! So I jumped right up to take a picture before she hid behind thick clouds again.

Isn't this gorgeous?
The Man In Black

Oooh mysterious name, I love that :D And the shine... ohhh the shine! The Man In Black is a really dark black, just pure, pure black, with some silver microglitter for extra pizazz.

The polish was inspired by The Dark Tower, a series of books by Stephen King. I'm sorry to say I've never read any of them. I did read a bunch of his books, Christine being my favorite because it's my mom's name. Nothing beats reading about your mom as a possessed car that murders people...
Back to the polish! I get sidetracked sometimes :-p

I really love the look of this polish. Sometimes it feels like looking into an abyss, it's so dark and shiny.
I felt frustrated with this polish after the first coat, because it felt like it would never reach opacity. It took three coats, which I feel is really decent for an indie! There is not a single complaint I have about the formula, it was smooth and easy and I love the drying time. It was like *fhoop* and it was dry. So three coats were done in a jiffy!

I highly recommend this polish. It's awesome :D

Purple 9-1-1

My favorite of the bunch! Ah mah gawd it is just gorgeous!

Purple 9-1-1 is a beautiful near-neon purple with the same silver microglitter as The Man In Black, which makes them like sisters.
The color is just perfect, yet again. It didn't flash brightly under my black light, that's why I call it near-neon, because it is a really... well... it's not super bright, but it's what I call pure and yummy. Haha! I tend to imagine tastes with colors I love, it's just something that happens.

This one had some polish clumps as well, but only really slightly. My top coat took them out, military style, and then all that was left was a gorgeous, smooth surface of purple yumminess.
Applying it was no trouble at all, it took three coats and I probably could have sufficed with only two, were it not that I loved this polish so much that I got mesmerized by it and couldn't stop myself...

The color was kind of hard to capture on camera and it came out a little more blue than it actually was, so I had to adjust the color settings a little bit. I want to be honest about this! But on my screen, this looks REALLY similar to the actual color of the polish, and that's what I was going for.
Purple 9-1-1 looks a lot like Picture Polish Shy Violet by the way. The colors are really similar, including the fact that they both don't show up right on pictures, and the silver microglitter reminds me of the holo microflakies in Shy Violet. They are different though, so I'd suggest having both of them in your stash. Or just buy Purple 9-1-1 because it's cheaper and has the same awesome drying qualities! It also has better coverage ;-)

Uhh... Frosty?

Heehee! The name of this polish always makes me giggle! It's supposed to represent a melted Frosty the Snowman, so it's a somewhat off-white sheer polish that has small orange hex glitter for the carrot, medium oily blue/black hex glitter for the coles, small iridescent glitter for the snowy sparkles. There's a small amount of blue flowers in the mix as well, they represent the flower on Frosty's top hat.

The polish is pretty sheer, because well, that's just how melted snow is. I asked the makers about it and this is what Dana said about it: "Uhh...Frosty? is meant to be thin, because melted snow isn't really white anymore, but Frosty is, so I was going for an in-between. I did initially attempt to make it more opaque, but the glitter barely showed and you couldn't tell the difference between the blue and black, the orange just faded away and the flowers were non-existent."

So there ya have it, folks! No worries though, if you like the opaque look more, like I do too, then just apply a couple of extra coats.
If you like more opacity, but don't have the patience for 5-6 coats, then I suggest applying a coat of a white polish first. You could get there with three thick coats of Uhh... Frosty? on its own, but I really don't recommend it. Thick coats of this polish have a hard time drying and the perfectionists among us will drive themselves nuts over the few little bubbles that will appear. It does really fine in thin coats though!

I had one tiny flower emerge from the bottle, completely by accident, and it landed on my index finger. It's really hard to see though, because I added another layer over it.
I don't know what it is about this polish, but it's just not my style. I kind of have a love hate relationship with white jellies anyways, they always look great on other people but I have to fight to get them right. (that rhymes!)

The colors combined with the low opacity makes that this polish ranks low for me. It might be totally your style though!

That brings us to the end of this review already! I hope you had a good time looking and reading, and don't forget to stop by the Dreamy Lacquer Company store to pick up some of these beauties yourself! Their bottles come in full size of 15ml/0,5fl.oz. and they are $8,00 a piece. Also, you might want to check out their Facebook page for all kinds of fun stuff! Not only swatches and info on availability, but also cute manis and great jokes :D

Thanks a whole big bunch to Dana and Jessica for providing me with these gorgeous polishes, I had an amazing time with them and keep an eye out, because they will make more appearances in the future!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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