Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Big news, I'm so excited!

I am SO excited to finally be able to share this with all of you! I have been contracted by MCA Official to go on a world tour to do nail art for politicians! It's like my three dreams are coming true in a mix of awesomeness, I get to do my beautiful nail art while talking politics and meeting important people, plus I get to travel all over the world <3 Their rep Christine is just the most amazing woman, she's set all of this up. It's been SUPER hard to not tell anyone, I'm just awful at keeping secrets :-p This wouldn't have happened without all of you, thank you my girls (and guys)!!!! Group hug!!!

I just... can't... I feel so guilty for tricking you! April Fool's!!! I'm so sorry... You are all way too smart! Most of you were just playing along, weren't ya ;-) ;-) I'm not going on a world tour to do politicians' nails. I'm staying right here, on my couch, bringing you new nail art every other day. I'm still in for that group hug though!!!

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