Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wide open landscape nail art, miniature painting

Who doesn't like landscapes? These are twin nails with Anita from Style Those Nails and ofcourse we had to do a landscape since we both love those. And ofcourse I had to try and make a video tutorial of this as well, detailed as it may be. Click to see more!

These are Anita's recreation of the picture we chose. Actually we chose a different picture at first but that just turned out to be too darn difficult, for both of us! I'm glad we were able to settle on this landscape because wow!

Her recreation is so happy and colorful, don't you think?

All I used was OPI Alpine Snow for the base, my Basic One Gold brush from Christrio Scotland and acrylic paint, I mixed up most of the colors myself to get the right shade
It took me about 2,5 hours to paint, it was a relaxing afternoon and dare I say even pretty easy. When I start on an image, I analyze it in my head to know which parts to paint first, and how. Sometimes I'll have to improvise but over all, this was a pretty straight forward paint job!
I am SO bummed, I used the wrong color for the grass!!! It's way too light, when in the 'official' design, I used a darker color and it looked better.

I tried to make the tutorial as slow as I could without making it utterly boring to watch. I hope everything is easy to follow. If you have questions after watching it, and it hasn't been mentioned in this blog post, come find me!

Music is "Electrifying Landscape" by Airglow
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