Saturday, April 25, 2015

Freehand purple snake skin nail art

No real snakes were harmed during the making of this mani! LOL Only drops of acrylic paint were (ab)used. I figured I hadn't done snake skin nail art in a while and it's something fun and easy to make, so there's a video tutorial for you to discover and enjoy! Click to see more!

I took pictures without a top coat because I just really love this weird look. It added depth and texture in a strange way.

The background is my good ol' OPI Alpine Snow that I use for most of my manis so I go through it quickly. The bottle permanently lives with my base & top coat because I use it almost as often. The rest is just acrylic paint and I painted it using my Roubloff 00 from Adnails Manucure.
It's seriously just a matter of painting shapes and filling them in. Ain't nothing hard about it. You can make the shapes as big or small as you want to suit your level of nail art. And if you make a mistake, you can always clean it up with water or rubbing alcohol and fix it!

Music is "On The Moon" by Johnny Ripper
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