Thursday, April 16, 2015

'Cheeky' midnight fairy nail art

Pardon the butt! But she turned out too cute not to post. This is my midnight fairy, you can name her if you want. A friend of mine called her 'cheeky' because of the bare butt and I think that's actually kind of perfect! I also managed to make a video tutorial so click to see more!

Halfway through this design, I stopped... It was looking flat and dull and just kind of childish to be honest. I had started out with Picture Polish Ocean for the base and it looked kind of weird. I added 'radiance' coming from my fairy by adding Glam Polish Break The Ice around the drawing. It made the whole thing lighter and the contrast was better, I like it!
All of it was painted using acrylic paint, I used only three colors for the whole design: white, black and a cream color. I like mixing up my own shades.

So what would you name your fairy? :D

Music "Hypnothis" by Kevin MacLeod
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