Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Balancing mice nail art

Today I have some nail art with a personal story behind it! Let's talk about the art first. The original picture is an illustration from a children's book by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert, called 'Mijn Held' (my hero). I tried my best to copy it exactly but it might have turned out a little bit more colorful :-p What can I say? It's my own personal touch. Click to see more!

Okay, so the story: I've been struggling with my health for a long while now and I've been underweight almost all my life. Almost two years ago, I came across a dietitian who knew exactly what my body needed, what foods to avoid and how to balance out my diet according to my personal situation. I've been really good, sticking to my diet and trying to determine what works best for me. Last time I was at a consult, I showed the dietitian my nail art and she showed me a postcard with this illustration, which for her illustrates balance. So ofcourse I had to recreate it!

I actually don't think I did so great with the mice :-p This one looks a bit scared of the height... but while they might not look exactly like the original picture (keep in mind how super amazingly tiny this all is), they do have a funny expression, and they look like mice. I'm happy with the ear, and the tail, those turned out great!

All of it is painted freehand with acrylic paint, my Basic One Gold brush from Christrio Scotland, my Roubloff 00 from Adnails Manucure and topped off with HK Girl top coat from Glisten & Glow.

There's no video tutorial for these, it took me a couple of hours to paint them and they were very intricate so it was impossible to record on video. But let me leave you with the original illustration to admire and enjoy!

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