Sunday, May 31, 2015

3D hotdog nail art

What happens when one nail blogger dares another nail blogger to make 3D hotdog nail art? Yes that's right, this epicness right here. Accio Lacquer posted this photo on her Facebook page, and one thing led to another... here we are. 3D hotdogs. Ofcourse WITH a video tutorial. Thanks for the crazy idea Mishka! Click to see more!

Look at them just chilling there on the picnic table, heehee! I made the hotdogs on a white background first but something was missing. So when I wanted them on a picnic cloth, I had to draw AROUND the hotdogs and just kind of guess where the stripes had to go on the other side of a hotdog.

And how yummy are the ketchup & mustard looking? They are made with Purjoi Lemon Candy and the Gelibility top coat that you mix with regular polish to turn it into gel polish (see how that works). In retrospect, I should have made the sausages shiny too but maybe that would have taken away the high gloss effect of the sauce. I like them this way too :)
The hotdogs themselves are made with my black foil gel from Kydu, it's a Dutch brand. Any kind of plump gel polish will work. I did three layers, building up the shape, and when it looked like it would never turn into something decent, I went over it with acrylic paint and lo and behold, suddenly I had hotdogs!

You'll need a UV lamp for curing gel polish and rubbing alcohol to remove the tacky layer. If you don't remove that, your acrylic paint is likely to crack and even chip off.

Music is "Guts And Bourbon" by Kevin MacLeod
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