Friday, May 1, 2015

Streetrat Aramis nail art

Don't rats make the most amazing pets? I know I love my boys (and some of you are big rat fans as well) so it was about time I did a rat inspired nail art design! I painted my boy Aramis on my nail, kind of street style chic, it was inspired by a drawing by Shennaki Tattoo. I hope you like it! Click to see more!

Isn't he the cutest?? His nose has the shape of a heart, it's actually like that in real life too, or at least it's always what sticks out between his soft grey fur. If you're looking for fifty shades of grey, it's right here in his cute little face!

All hand painted with acrylic paint. The background was made with my Basic One Gold brush from Christrio Scotland, but I did the rat and other details with my Roubloff 00 from Adnails Manucure because I needed the precision and minuscule lines.
And ofcourse I had to take a picture with the fluff butt himself!! I love all of my rats SO much, but somehow Aramis is something special to me. He's soft, always smells good and he's so stubborn :-p I love the way he pushes me away because he hates kisses, but he loves to be scratched on his butt and his shoulders. He's always ready for adventure and isn't scared of anything at all!

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