Thursday, July 16, 2015

1 nail art design, 4 ways + video tutorial!

Today, you get to pick! I have these four ways to wear one single nail art design, and you get to tell me which one you like the most :D There's also a video tutorial for ALL OF THEM so click to see more!

Option number 1: 

Posts like these come from my own annoying indecisiveness. I did the music notes on the white base and I liked that a lot (I worked hard enough on it too) and then I wasn't sure how I wanted to continue. So I just did it all :-p

Actually, I've done one of these before, the multiple ways to wear one mani, I mean. I made these adorable freehand flowers that I filled in using some Picture Polish jellies, in different color combos.
The process for this was pretty much the same. I started out with a base of Serum No. 5 Pure Glow Getter and added my design with black acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush. I put a good thick coat of HK Girl top coat on top, took pics and got to work/play!

After each design, I carefully removed the polish or paint on top of the base design with a little bit of remover. The music notes were unaffected because of the thick coat of HK Girl.

Option number 2: 
Coloring pencils

For my first option, I went with a matte top coat and your regular old coloring pencils. Everybody has a set of those laying around the house, I think. The pencils get good grip on top of the matte top coat (which acts a little like paper) so you can determine how soft or vivid you want your color to be. Blending colors is pretty easy too!
Option number 3: 
Watercolor butterfly

For this second design, I took advantage of the matte base that was already there. I painted a butterfly using Liquid Palisade by Kiesque, and painted around it with watered down acrylic paint in different colors. I removed the Liquid Palisade to reveal..... a fail :-p I think the one in the video turned out a bit better but the whole idea just didn't work out the way I planned!

Option number 4: 
Sheer tints splatters

For this last one, I just applied some sheer tints (including the home made kind, learn how to make them) in splatter patterns across my nails. I think this could have been better but I showed it to friends of mine and they liked this one the best

Now, don't let the video tutorial fool you, this was NOT as easy as it looks! I think I spent 2 hours just painting those stupid lines and after that, the notes felt like a breeeeze. Enter into this with a clear schedule, or just do a single accent nail :-p

Which one is your favorite??

Music is "Daily Beetle" by Kevin MacLeod
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