Friday, July 10, 2015

Sheer tints swirls easy nail art

Chaotic nails like these always make me feel a bit panicky... I like having complete control over my nail art designs. Yup, I'm a control freak! But they're sweet & colorful so I'm sharing them with you anyways :) Video tutorial is included, click to see more!

I used Rimmel London SuperWear top coat, mixed with blotches of OPI Alpine Snow that I mixed together with a dotting tool. I added some OPI sheer tints on top, as well as Dance Legend Tiziano and Levitan, and a few home made sheer tints. The swirls are white acrylic paint.
The whole design looked so bald without the white swirls but I feel like it just all came together when I added them. I love how that works!

If you're dying to know how to make your own sheer tints polishes, you're in luck! I made a video tutorial that will explain everything :)

Music is "Melodie Victoria" by Kevin MacLeod
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