Friday, July 24, 2015

Glitter bubbles nail art with OPI Color Paints & Sheer Tints

Have you ever seen the OPI Sheer Tints and the new Color Paints work together in a nail art design? WITH glitter to boot? This design has it all, plus a little bit of 'freehand' if you want to call it that, and I'll show you how to do it in a video tutorial! Click to see more!

The dazzling glitter underneath the sheer polishes is China Glaze Glistening Snow. I have to say my HK Girl top coat from Glisten&Glow worked wonders on making this design look so smooth. Glistening Snow can be a real top coat muncher (meaning it stays gritty no matter how many coats of top coat you glop on) but it was super shiny in no time!
The bubbles were made with watered down acrylic paint, and I soaked up the excess paint in the middle of each bubble using tissue paper. I know this is not the 'official' way to do it but I like the texture it give the bubbles, more realistic :)

In the video, you'll see me using some kind of weird purple stuff on my fingers. If you still don't know by now, here's the answer: it's Liquid Palisade from Kiesque.

Music is "Midsummer Sky" by Kevin MacLeod
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