Sunday, July 5, 2015

OPI Color Paints glitter gradient with glowy watermarble nail art

I slayed the beast! The ugly watermarble beast! I got out my supplies and just went for it :-p The end result: glittery goodness with a OPI Color Paints gradient, and a cherry ummm.... watermarble on top! Video tutorial is included, click to see more!

OK so I still don't know exactly what I'm doing and just dumping my finger in the water. And I had to call in a helpline from my beautiful friend CreatiNails halfway through because the darn polish wouldn't spread!

What eventually helped (with a little coaxing from her) was switching up the polishes I was using. I tried it with a top coat and OPI Alpine Snow, but it turned out the latter was the problem. It spread on the first drop, but not after I had dropped the top coat in. I was about ready to pull out my hair!!!
But ahhh then there was Parrot Polish Glow Ooze, and that spread like a dream. I didn't mean for this design to have a glowy aspect but it's a happy coincidence! It's just not super opaque so the white is a little less white than I had expected. This polish is part of a new collection from Parrot Polish, all polishes in the collection are plain white but they glow different colors. So you get to pick which color you want your nails to be in the dark, or combine them for an extra spectacular effect!
The glittery base is two coats of Digital Nails Supernova (total sparklegasm, pictures can never do it justice) and I made a gradient-ish kind of thing over that with the OPI Color Paints and since I don't have the green from that collection, I used my darling Dance Legend Levitan that I bought from Hypnotic Polish.

In the video, you'll see me using some kind of weird purple stuff on my fingers. If you still don't know by now, here's the answer: it's Liquid Palisade from Kiesque.

Also check out my first experiences with the water marbling beast which didn't go so well :-p

Music is "How It Begins" by Kevin MacLeod
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I received Digital Nails Supernova & Parrot Polish Glow Ooze as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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