Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rainbow lace bridal style nail art with OPI Color Paints

I torched some lace with rainbow fire... kidding! They're just OPI Color Paints. Phew, can you imagine how hot that would get? These are a little bit inspired by some half-curtains my grandparents used to have in their windows, I hated those things but now I miss them. There's a video tutorial right here for you to enjoy so click to see more!

The pattern is freehand with white acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush. I've never done lace before, mostly because it is SO not my style, but I really like it with the color splashes, which are made with the OPI Color Paints (only the colors from the mini set) and Dance Legend Levitan (because the mini set doesn't include a green one).

I'm really loving these Color Paints, the possibilities are endless and they are so much more vivid than the Sheer Tints!
The base is piCture pOlish Cherish that I got from them back in May when I did a commissioned video for them (which is the only time I've ever earned anything with this blog since I don't do advertising, keeping it clean!). Our agreement didn't include me giving my opinion on any of their polishes but I feel like I really need to tell you this: this polish ROCKS!

It has blown any other skin colored polish I have out of the water by a long shot. With one coat, it blends my nails into my skin tone perfectly, with two I get a gorgeous light nail color with awesome sparkles. SCORE! That plus the rock hard finish, short drying time and coverage in two coats makes this polish one of my favorites. Yes you heard me right :-p

Music is "Sapphire Isle" by Kevin MacLeod
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I received Picture Polish Cherish as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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