Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cheeky kawaii cloud nail art

Heehee isn't this nail art so cheeky? I hope you don't mind my humor :-p I was just walking through a particularly wet rainstorm with a friend the other day and we were joking that it was like a cloud peeing on us... So on a dare, I painted it! Click to see more!

The base gradient is made with Picture Polish Instinct & Sky and they are SO adorable together! They work really well for making gradients too. I recently bought both of these polishes, they were replacements for two polishes I used up and hey, what better way to replace them than with Picture Polishes ;-)
The rest is all painted with acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush. It was a quick design but I really enjoyed painting it, and then wearing it as well :-p It kept making me giggle!

In the video, I didn't include how to make a gradient because that takes up at least a minute of the time and it's always the same anyways. But instead, why not check out my video guide to the ultimate smooth gradient?

Music is "Montana Skies" by Montana Skies
Available on http://freemusicarchive.com

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