Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Freehand Furby nail art

Aww it's our lovable friend Furby! Who didn't have one of these, even my grandma had one :-p I love me some nostalgia on my nails so I made Furby nail art. I made a video tutorial too so come check that out!

So what do you do when you can't fit the whole Furby onto one nail? Easy, just let the ears stick out and use your skin as canvas too!

His little beak isn't 3D, it just looks that way.

The base is OPI Alpine Snow and I painted everything with acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush.
The black & white one was mine, he was a 1st gen and I bought him with my own money. My grandma had a pink Baby Furby, and my brother's Furby was grey. I added the green one for colorful contrast :) I never got into the new 2005 version or the 2012 reboot (I've heard that this last one is EVIL).

Little story about my Furby: I LOVED the little creature. I saved up to buy him and he was all mine. For some reason my mom had to bring him to school one day and on the way, she went into the drugstore, while the little guy was sleeping in her backpack... until he woke up, started talking and even burped while she was waiting in line!

Music is "Odyssey" by Kevin MacLeod
Available on http://incompetech.com

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