Thursday, December 31, 2015

My favorite nail art designs of 2015!

Wow, we're almost done with 2015! There's been ups, there's been downs, but mostly there has been painting. A LOT of painting! I've included links to the blog posts, where you can find video tutorials for almost all of these. Come read more!

Ahh my creepy ghost face... This was one of those crazy ideas that came to me while brushing my teeth! I never try out designs on fake nails first, I alwys go right for the kill except for this one. And I'm glad I did, because I was able to improve it a LOT.

With a whopping 34.000 likes on Instagram, I guess it's a fan favorite too!

Eeeeewwww!!!! They're not real cuts though, don't worry :)

This year's Halloween was a BLAST!!! I got so many great responses to my crazy designs and these bloody razor cuts definitely creeped a lot of people out, inlcuding my mom. She still gets chills when I remind her of my practice cuts, all over my hands... sorry mom!
Another Halloween design! I didn't expect these 3D mummies to be such a hit, but they were! Apparently people thought they looked cute? I must say I really dig these glow in the dark eyes though, SO freaking scary!
Sometimes the simple sparkly designs are the best, like this glitter tornado nail art. I was in a phase where I had to put sheer tints & color paints on EVERYTHING!

These were SO sparkly in person, I wish you could have seen them. Just gorgeous. I wish all manis would work out this well.
AAAHHH my eyes, my eyes! Making these bloody eyeballs took me a lot of time but it was fun work. And the result still makes me giggle!

My initial idea had something different on every nail, but it turned out to be too much, it just didn't look right. One of the designs was too good not to post though so you can view it here on Instagram, but only if you can stand the gore!
If the light goes out,
you will see my threat.
Forget the lies,
Just pay your debt.


Do you know what a broken brain feels like? Well I had one, after I designed this nail art right here. It took me 3 days to get the text just right (I thought of it myself, it's not from a book or anything) and by then I hadn't even started painting. Which was another pain in the ass. Such tiny text!
Nope, no photo manipulation was involved here. Just some extreme camouflage and smart painting.

It messes with your mind, right? And that's why I like it so much :)
Heehee! My little funky troll dolls nail art touched so many people! I can't believe this was in 2015, it feels like forever ago.

Troll dolls made their debut in the 60's, but re-emerged in the 90's and they made a small comeback in 2005. I think that's why these were so popular, nostalgic feelings for multiple generations. Plus, they're just super funny and cute :-p
Last, but not least, I had to include a landscape. I chose the one I call Path To Serenity because I love how the bridge turned out. It was also a very relaxing design to paint, while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh yeah I always remember what I was watching on TV while painting, when I look at a design. It's weird, but fun!

Also fun to read (and compare) is my 14 favorite nail art designs from 2014!

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