Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Extreme camouflage nail art

How about some nails that blend in with the background? Aren't they the most stealthy nails you've ever seen? No photoshop was used to edit this picture! I did use Photoshop in some way, but you'll have to watch the video tutorial to find out what for! Click to see more!

This was a totally new way of painting a landscape. It's like you get a piece of the puzzle, and just by itself it doesn't look like much, but then you line it up with the background et voilá! Camouflage!

All of it was hand painted with acrylic craft paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush.

This is an actual real place near my house, it's a tea house right behind what use to be our town hall. It's a beautiful place and me and my dad like to take long walks there, there are castle ruins and long forest paths and I just love it <3 It was an honor to photograph it for my nails, and then come back two days later (at the same time of day) and put the two together!
Like this, ofcourse it looks like nothing. I showed it to my friends like this and told them it actually represented something, and they were at a loss :-p It's not really meant to be worn. It's meant as a fun experiment, a cool new way of doing something totally crazy with your nails!

Oh and cramp, cramp, CRAMP in my fingers! It was NOT easy to take the second picture, with my fingers in the right position. My dad was with me and at one point he held up my elbow so my arm would stop shaking. The man is a saint, I swear <3 <3

Music is "Tunnels" by Montana Skies
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