Sunday, August 9, 2015

'She loves me not' nail art with REAL daisy

She loves me... not! Aww... poor little mousy. I love incorporating real life objects into my nail art, making them interact with my drawings. I was inspired by @apredart who is the master at bringing this little mouse, and other characters, to life! Click to see more!

Actually I don't remember ever playing this game when I was younger. I think I was too much of a cynic, or down to earth if you prefer to call it that. Still am :-p

The daisy I used is REAL and I had to work quickly because it was wilting really fast, and so were the loose petals on my ring finger and pinkie.
The base gradient is made with piCture pOlish Sorbet & Candy and Candy was also used for the hearts. I liked bringing back the same shade of pink instead of using acrylic paint.

I didn't include the gradient in the video tutorial because pretty much every gradient works the same way. I've made a tutorial tackling all the big (and small) issues when it comes to making the perfect smooth gradient.

Music "Candy" by Jahzzar
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