Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Freehand mountain landscape nail art

Sometimes you just need a good bit of landscape nail art painting to get you out of your daily life and into the holiday spirit. My country doesn't have any mountains, just a few hills and slopes, so for me, mountains mean exotic destinations! There's a video tutorial for you die-hards as well :) Click to see more!

Since the sky is yellow, one of my male friends had to be funny and tell me that someone peed on the clouds... Thanks XD

Lots of people tell me that I should paint on a bigger scale. But the truth is, I can't paint for shit. I've never been able to paint or draw, but when it comes to nail art, it suddenly gets easier. I think it's the tiny tiny scale. I think that painting on a larger surface would be a huge fail for me!

I wish I knew who the original painting belongs to but I just found it on the internet and wasn't able to track down the original artist. If you know them, let me know!
At any rate, it was very relaxing to paint. It's a great design for a holiday, really easy & relaxing. The great thing about a landscape is, you can't go wrong. Paint two strokes and it looks like a mountain. Paint three more and suddenly there are trees!

Music "Golden Sunrise" by Josh Woodward
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