Saturday, August 29, 2015

Freehand Dutch rabbit nail art

Freehand bunnies nail art! A friend of mine has two Dutch rabbits, a brown and a black one. They are well trained, adorable and SO FLUFFY!!! Bunnies always make me giggle when they eat, it looks so freaking cute <3 I have a video tutorial for these so click to see more!

I like to paint on a white base so I use OPI Alpine Snow, and I often mattify it with their matte top coat to have a nice rough base to paint on. This makes the acrylic paint stick better and it's easier to get certain effects and to paint thin lines with my Roubloff 00 detail brush.

I had originally painted this background for some deer. Then the deer turned out to look like scary gas mask wearing freaks so I removed them and painted bunnies instead. Much better!
I love, love, LOVE my HK Girl top coat on top of EVERYTHING, it's the only top coat I use nowadays. It's from Glisten&Glow but I buy it from Hypnotic Polish because it's so convenient to have an indie dealer in my own country <3

Music is "Americana" by Kevin MacLeod
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