Thursday, August 27, 2015

Red one stroke snake skin nail art

I haven't done one stroke nail art in forEVER so I figured it was time for some snake skin nails! Or, like my mom thought, ice cream. No idea how she saw ice cream in them :-p I have a video tutorial for this design, click to see more!

I used OPI Alpine Snow for the base, and the rest was all done with simple acrylic paint and a cheap flat brush from eBay.

I've actually done this nail design before, exactly a year ago. I kept wondering how it would look in different colors, so this time I chose red. I kind of hate it! It took me a while to figure out, but they are the same colors as a t-shirt I was wearing when having a particularly bad allergic reaction, a couple of years ago, My weird brain associates these colors with unhappy memories :-p
This is so super easy, all you have to do is load your brush like you would for the one stroke technique, and then make little 'boxes' all over the nail. Repeat each box for more opacity. Check out my one stroke basics video tutorial to learn how to do it!

Music is "Gringo Flamenco" by Montana Skies
Available on the Free Music Archive

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