Saturday, August 8, 2015

4 designs I never posted

These are all designs that seemed amazing in my head, but just didn't quite have it, at least not enough to give them the full attention of a blog post. I want to show you that nobody is perfect, I fail all the time but I never let it stop me!

I did a series of Nail Fail Files (episode 1 and episode 2) last year and got a tremendous amount of hate about calling them fails. While other people would love to have these on their nails, please understand that I just didn't have that 'click' with these designs but instead of shoving them under a rug, I'm hanging out my disappointments for all of you to enjoy :)

For the love of pizza, will you look at that face? This was supposed to be Deathwing from World of Warcraft. I don't play it myself (I'm sorry, please don't hurt me!) but a guy friend of mine does and these nails were a request from him. I can't pass up the opportunity to paint a dragon on my nails!

I thought they were going to be kick-ass but alas.... The fire in the wings & chest were too hard to make with acrylic paint, and the face it just a total epic fail.... Oh and the thing between his legs is a TAIL! I swear!!!

Not a total fail, but I like to think that you guys expect more from me by now. I didn't feel great about this design when I completed it... I showed a pic to my friends and they agreed that it wasn't quite 'it', that it felt like something was missing. Ofcourse by then, I had already made and edited the video tutorial and someone might want to recreate it so go ahead!!

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Here's another good example of 'looked totally amazeballs in my head but sucked coming out'. It was supposed to be a giant wave crushing London Bridge (intended as a guest post for a British blogger) but the concept kind of got lost in the space between the nails. That, plus the bridge looks wonky as hell and the details that actually make London Bridge look like London Bridge were too tiny to paint.

Even my dad agreed that it wasn't great and he's usually my biggest fan.... when I don't shove my nails in his face when he's too busy :-p
And last, but certainly not the least of fails, this 'magical' glowy landscape. Crap crap crap. It started out pretty okay with the clouds, but the tree ruined it. It looks like a first grader drew it... With the pencil in his nose. It didn't help that there are only so many colors of glow pigment so the glow version looks flat and uninteresting, but to be honest the light version looks even worse. Maybe the neon pink wasn't a great color choice to go with the dark blue sky? LOL

Another case of 'but I edited the video tutorial already' because the video tutorial was what convinced me that this wasn't post-able. And here it is anyways. Yay me.

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