Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Freehand dinosaur eggs nail art

Do you like to have eggs for breakfast? You will never look at it the same way again, MUAHAHA! These dinosaur eggs are totally creepy but I loved painting them, so much fun :D Ofcourse there's a video tutorial too so click to see more!

I painted this before watching Jurassic World, and when I watched it, the opening scene looked a LOT like what I painted, SO creepy! So maybe I am psychic after all? LOL

How this eye turned out had more to do with luck than anything else because I had to redo the tutorial video 3 times before it even came close to looking like this one. Oops...
The whole design is done with acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush. I was a little bit unsure of the egg shape, I tried to make it look like eggs the white line at the top but I don't think it worked exactly right.

Later I tried to remove the white part with nail polish remover to make the whole nail look like an egg shape but that just made it look like there was something horribly wrong with my fingers XD So I'm not even going to show you that one!

Music "Oppressive Gloom" by Kevin MacLeod
Available on http://incompetech.com

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